What is XL?


The XL-course was introduced in 2002 by Proffesor Micael Dahlén with the vision to turn a few, hand-picked Science students into perefectly skilled marketers.

XL is a course in marketing communications, brand management and creative business developtment. The course is running for a full-semester period of time and creates leaders with great abilities to think, design and communicate value to business as well as to consumers. The focus is to bridge the distance between commercial execution and academic research. To do that we use modern research trying to solve common business problems using theories from the academic world in cooperation with our sucessful partner companies.

At XL the students work close with several partner companies to develop business and marketing strategies in the form of longer projects based of consumer research and workshops aimes to increase the understandig of business management. Profitability is the keyword. With teachers with great experience in consumer marketing and a research group ranked as number one i Europe our student gets the tools to learn all about profitability of Business management.