After summer break this fall, in september to be more exact, all the studens of the XL-programme will attend interntship. This is very exciting for us, finally we will get to see how it works in the real world outside the school and lectures. It is just march but we are already planning where we would like to perform our internship. The first step is to choose what kind of work place and what we would like to do there, some of us wish to focus mostly on marketing and others on business relations. Once we decided what orentation we would like, we will fill applications to different companys. We need to write a short, personal presentation including our goals for the future and such things, also we are suppose to inclose our grades and earlier experience in the field.


I am very excited about the internship coming up! I really consider learing-by-doing the best way to developt and it will be really interesting to go to a work place and experience the real deal. My goal is to get an internship at a company working with improvements in financial business, since this is my favorite field so far. I will start writing my application later today and i will make sure it turns out awesome!


Have a nice monday folks!


Lots of love,


Student at the XL-programme