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So we’re a gang of non-swedes that were planning to do a small Sweden trip before schools starts in september. We have about 3 weeks and a nice camper van so we thought we have to make the best of this. The start of our travel will of couse be Stockholm but now we’re a bit confused about where to go. Something we all want to see is the mountains, so we’ve seen that the closest mountains is in Härjedalen, which should be around 4 hours drive from here. After that we thought about going more north (sorry all northerners but Sweden is just too freaking bit). Then people told us to skip Värmland, so we’re thinking about maybe swing by Norway when we’re at it and go to the coast cities of Bergen and Stavanger, to come out in Oslo and hit the Swedish border on the west coast […]

Surfing in Sweden or Portugal

  Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well this not to bad day in Stockholm. It’s my first time writing on the page and I’m gonna talk about something not so school related, but more about my reflections as an exchang student in Sweden. My name is Connor, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Lennox Head in New South Wales. If you haven’t heard about Lennox head, I’m not shocked or hurt. It’s a small surfing village just south of Byron Bay, another yet more famous surfing town in the northern part of NSW. If you haven’t even heard about Byron Bay, maybe you’re just not that info surfing. But to put in on the map, it’s about a two hour drive south of Brisbane, the third largest city in the wonderful country of OZ. Australia that is. So being a aussie bloke from one of the largest surfing […]

Student jobs

Something most students have to do while studying is unfortunately to work. A lot of students work in grocery stores, at petrol stations and in clothing shops. Then there are some more, let’s say different jobs. One of my friends that went to Australia on an Erasmus exchange year in Adelaide in the south of Australia took part of an experiment at the university. One week my friend and 4 other people had to stay in rooms without windows, totally unaffected by sun and weather. The key of the experiment though was that they didn’t have the access to the time either. Of course this experiment was to see what happened to them after a long time without knowing the time and without seeing how nature’s clock is turning. It might sound like a though experience but for a thousand bucks my friend was happy to partake! Another strange job […]

School break

Sometimes you just need a break from school and not think about anything. This period is especially intense for a lot of people since the admission results have came in. Either you have to start to look after a place to stay, and let’s be honest, the student accomodation is not really a thing that is working out to well in Stockholm, and not super good in Sweden overall either. Students have to sign up on apartments even before they know if they’ve made it into school or not. A lot of people but down huge deposits just to get the first apartments or dorms that are being offered to them. Price is one problem, and the range of places to stay is another problem. Since there are not to many places to stay, of course prices rise drastically, which is something most students can’t afford. Sadly University is becoming […]

The New Students

  It’s been a few days since the first admission report of the universities was sent out. Some people are happy with their results, some didn’t get exactly the result they were waiting for. If you didn’t get the result you were waiting for, then you have another shot at getting your spot on the 6th of August if someone turns down their spot. If you still don’t get the place you really wanted, I would recommend you to study hard the whole summer and sign up for the SAT’s before the 15th of September and then nail it in October! To everyone that made it into the school: Good job and congratulations! About the school year of 2015 I have to brag a bit. The bachelor at Stockholm School of Economics is the bachelor with the most first choice applications in the whole of Sweden. A staggering 2321 applied […]

  So my friends, the long wait after the applications to the universities for the fall semester is about to be ended. On the 9th of July (in Sweden) the first admission notice will drop down in your mailboxes and you’ll know if 3 or 5 wonderful years lay in front of you. For you that were a bit late with your applications, probably because of too much school work anyways, the 15th of July the late registration for those programs and courses qualified for this will take place if there is space left. To be sure, contact your or the university’s student counselor to be sure that the course or program that you are interested in qualify for late registration. The last day to accept the spot if you are lucky enough to make it, is on the 31st of July and the second admission notice is on the […]

Midsummer or Midsommar?

So Midsummer or Midsommar or one of the hundred different spelling it has is slowly creeping up on us again. Some of you might have no idea what Midsummer is, and other might celebrate it religiously. It is a celebration celebrated mostly in the northern European countries, but with migration the influence have spread to countries like United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. Countries celebrate this feast in different ways, some by dancing, and some with bonfires and like us in Sweden, dancing around the midsummers-pole. The biggest midsummer celebrations is hold in the city of Leksand in the middle of Sweden, where thousands of people meet up to dress out in traditional clothing, drink traditional food and dance and sing. Another big celebration is in the city center of Stockholm at Skansen Park. The biggest celebration outside of Sweden takes place in Battery Park in New York City, […]

Summerburst Festival

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all happy today because I sure am! My summer is definitely kicking off with a good start, my friends just called me and she has won two ticket to Summerburst Festival that is kicking off this weekend, so we’re going! So the festival Summerburst have been taking place in Stockholm Stadion, a football stadium in central Stockholm. This year though they have chosen to move the whole festival to Gärdet, a big open space just outside the city. The artists this year is gonna be very big ones, Axwell and Ingrosso are the big Swedish artists that is coming this year, but they will be accompanied by artist no smaller then Afrojack, BlasterJaxx och Don Diablo and many more. I really feel like I have to dance in the summer heat, so this festival couldn’t come in a more perfect time. And to top this […]

Hi everone! So freedom (summer) is almost here isn’t it? Maybe the temperature has to work a bit harder to convince me that it really means business, but I do think it’s slowly creeping up on us. So what is everyone’s plans for the summer? I’ve been thinking and this summer I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before, something that I’ve been thinking about doing my whole life but it never happened. I’ve come up with a plan, and it should be possible without any complications I reckon. So my grand plan is to climb Kebnekaise this summer, Sweden’s highest mountain! You might say: “oooo it’s not that high it’s just only over two thousand meters so it shouldn’t be a big deal.” This might be true but it’s more the principle of climbing the highest mountain of my country that makes me want to do it. I’ve had […]

Hello people of the world! I read some good news the other day for the people of Stockholm (and for people of 19 other cities in the world). Stockholm is actually the fourth (4th!) safest city in the world! How good news isn’t that? It’s a study called “Safe Cities Index” made by the newspaper The Economist where they measure; 1. Personal safety, which looks at crime, police engagement etc. 2. They also look at Digital security, where they look at the city’s cybersecurity, identity thefts etc. 3. Health security which looks at life expectancy, numbers of hospitals and population. 4. Infrastructure safety that covers quality of roads and how many people die from natural disasters and the like. The study is topped by the Japanese capital Tokyo followed by Singapore in second place. Third place is taken by Osaka, followed by Stockholm on forth, and Amsterdam on fifth place. […]

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