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Work or travel?

  When you’re starting to see the finish line of your studies it kind of freaks you out. Okay I’m not really there yet but after being in school for years and years there’s really no other reality then school. And of course this get you thinking what to do with your life when you finished with this only reality you had your whole life almost. Some of my friends knows exactly which company they want to go to, exactly what they want to do, and some other friends know that they don’t want to get that serious job quite yet. They either want to travel or write a book or go to a Yoga camp. Myself I think I’m a bit in the middle. I don’t really feel like I’m ready to find my place quite yet, I mean, I haven’t really seen to much of the world when I think […]

Sun and Studies!

Hello people! Sping is slowly starting to come here to Stockholm and it’s a beautiful period to spend some time outside! After a long and dark winter it is important to keep up the vitamin D level in the body, and what better way is there to do that then to get a serious tan? It’s a win-win situation! (And I have also been told beer contains some vitamin D, so I might give it a try.) Spring really make this city come alive, especially for us students. It’s been a lot of studying lately, being locked in our rooms with liters and liters of coffee, ignoring the bliztering winter outside. But soon the summer is coming thankfully! Before summer there is one last big essay to be done, it has to be in the area of Global Marketing through technology. I was talking to a friend today about how […]


Hi everyone! It has been a great weekend for the students of the MCXL programme. We have had 4 days off without any studies what so ever and it has been so nice! It is fun to be a student but it is also very demanding, to have studie breaks once in a while is important to keep up with the motivation to school related stuff. Tomorrow we are going back to the usual school days. We are gonna start a new, exciting project tomorrow: an essay related to a problem in the society. I have choosen compulsive gaming as the subject of my essay. Other students chose subjects such as  alcoholism, victimization and so on. The reason I chose compulsive gaming is because my older brother use to be a game addict and that caused a lot of problems both for him and people arround him. Compulsive gaming is […]

Music matters

  While studying for the final exams I just wanted to share some inspirational music that helped me a lot in the learning process. Studies have proven that music helps to learn new things, therefore listening to music while studying will improve your results! Studies states: “Listening to music for relaxation is common among students to counter the effects of stress or anxiety while completing difficult academic tasks. Some studies supporting this technique have shown that background music promotes cognitive performance while other studies have shown that listening to music while engaged in complex cognitive tasks can  impair performance. This study focuses on the impact different genres of music, played at different volume levels, have on the cognitive abilities of college students completing academic tasks.”   I like to listen to calm music in the background, if the volume gets to loud I find it hard to concentrate. Above I´ve attached […]


We recently started a course called “entrepreneurship”. Me and my friend Anna decided to meet up with the passionated entrepreneur Pauline Grindvall, the founder of My Perfect Day, to do an interview about her being an entrepreneur.   How did you come up with the idea about My Perfect Day? Well, I recognized some issues when planning my own wedding. I did not find any online shop selling decorations for events and weddings so I decided to create one my own, since the market seemed to really need something like that. How old were you when you called yourself an entrepreneur for the first time? Hmm, I would not call myself an entrepreneur, I usually just say that I am running a company. I started my first own company when I was 20 years old, thats is 8 years ago. I have been a partner in a marketing company and also […]

Do not forget to have fun!

Studying for the exams can be very demanding. If feels like all I have been doing for these past three weeks is reading books, writing notes and trying to keep up with the pace. Yesterday I felt so stressed out I needed to remind myself I have to relax and have fun too. So, for all student feeling the way I do, here is a list of fun things you all should consider trying:   1. Spend time with your friends – I do not know how many times my friends have make me feel better when I have been stressed out our felt bad about something. Call your best friends, schedule a date, for example you can go for dinner, grab a beer or just relax at home. You will laught and it will make you feel relaxed and happy! 2. Exercise – I know not all of you […]

How to study effectively

  Hi guys, Next week we have another exam coming up, and it is very important to do a good job while studying to make sure you perform well on the actual test. I decided to do some research to get some helpful advice in how to maximize your learning skills and found this article on the internet. For example, make sure your mind is in the right set, being positive while studying will make your results better. Also, choose a nice spot to study. I really like to sit in a café, studying while drinking coffé. Make sure you bring the right material with you and leave stuff you do not need at home, your phone for example. Do not forget to make the process fun! Study together with your friends and come up with games related to the subject, memory card is my favourite. Also, remember that good […]


After summer break this fall, in september to be more exact, all the studens of the XL-programme will attend interntship. This is very exciting for us, finally we will get to see how it works in the real world outside the school and lectures. It is just march but we are already planning where we would like to perform our internship. The first step is to choose what kind of work place and what we would like to do there, some of us wish to focus mostly on marketing and others on business relations. Once we decided what orentation we would like, we will fill applications to different companys. We need to write a short, personal presentation including our goals for the future and such things, also we are suppose to inclose our grades and earlier experience in the field.   I am very excited about the internship coming up! […]


  Hi everyone, One third of the semester has passed so far, time flies! It has been a roller coaster ride, no joke. Some of the courses have been really hard, but we all kept going. Sometimes we failed, but we kept going. I really like the quote by Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to contuinue that counts.”  I am really proud of myself and my classmates for doing this together!

In the future I really would like to become an exchange student. I think it would be very exciting to come to another country with a different culture to study and socialize with other students from all around the world. While I went researching I found this article which approach the subject very well. If you, like me, are interested in studying abroad I would recommend you to read it!     Regards, Josef Student         

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