Hi everyone!

It has been a great weekend for the students of the MCXL programme. We have had 4 days off without any studies what so ever and it has been so nice! It is fun to be a student but it is also very demanding, to have studie breaks once in a while is important to keep up with the motivation to school related stuff.

Tomorrow we are going back to the usual school days. We are gonna start a new, exciting project tomorrow: an essay related to a problem in the society. I have choosen compulsive gaming as the subject of my essay. Other students chose subjects such as  alcoholism, victimization and so on. The reason I chose compulsive gaming is because my older brother use to be a game addict and that caused a lot of problems both for him and people arround him. Compulsive gaming is actually very common in the society, did you know that 8% of the people in sweden are considered have issues with addiction related to gaming? That is quite a lot of people! Apparently playing games at online casinos is a common trigger for the addiction. When doing research for my essay I found out that some casinos actually work actively with preventing compulsive gaming. One of them largest online casino doing that is SverigeCasino with the great ambition to be a safe and caring online casino. I think this is a really cool initiative!

So, tomorrow I will start doing some research for the essay. That is actually my favourite part of writing an essay, it is very interesting to collect information and then use the most important parts of it. It is quite a short essay, 1000 word is expected to be written, should not be a problem since I enjoy writing essays more than having a test, for example.


Happy easter!