Do not forget to have fun!

Studying for the exams can be very demanding. If feels like all I have been doing for these past three weeks is reading books, writing notes and trying to keep up with the pace. Yesterday I felt so stressed out I needed to remind myself I have to relax and have fun too. So, for all student feeling the way I do, here is a list of fun things you all should consider trying:


1. Spend time with your friends – I do not know how many times my friends have make me feel better when I have been stressed out our felt bad about something. Call your best friends, schedule a date, for example you can go for dinner, grab a beer or just relax at home. You will laught and it will make you feel relaxed and happy!

2. Exercise – I know not all of you enjoy it, but I do! And it is very beneficial for a lot of stuff related to your health and to your performance in life and school as well. I lift weights at the gym and go for a walk or a run at least 4 times every week. Its fun, it clears your head and also it makes you fit, which is a plus!

3. Spend time on your hobby. I really love to paint, but I do not have much time to spend painting these days unfortunately.. Make sure you make room for things you enjoy in your life. Thats very important!

4. Play games! And I do not mean emotional, but games like table games, chess and cards. A friend of mine recently started playing at online casinos and he really loves it! You can even play online through your smarthone or on your iPad, very convinient! His favourite site is where you can find the best online casino with a wide range of games.