Share your tips to make studying easier



Studying can be really hard, we all know that. It is not for nothing that studying is student and dying put together. We all have our different ways and techniques to study. Some people (not me unfortunately) sit down and make a detailed plan about everything that have to be done every day and how to get there. Then you have people like me, that freak out a week before and drink 5 cups a coffee a day and sleeps at the library. This might not be the absolute best way to work, but it have saved me a few times to be honest.

That we students live a hard life is not something that we didn’t know before, but there are ways to make our lives easier, that’s why I thought that we as student have to work together and share our best tips for studying with each other, and I’ll do another post next week with the best stuff that you guys have posted. So just drop a comment with you best tips and together we will be invincible! I’ll start off with a few that I use when I study.

  • Make a mind map about what you want to achieve, and how to get there.
  • Make a detailed read-plan. Clear goals on how much you should cover every day in the books.



So please hit me with your best shots and I’ll make a holy bible about study tips!