Sunrises vs sunsets


I’ve been thinking a lot about sunrises and sunsets, and what is really the difference. Oh sorry, good morning by the way!

As an aussie I’ve seen the best of both worlds. The majestic sunrises of the east coast, and the dramatic sunsets of the west. If someone would ask me which the best one is, it would be a task impossible for me to answer. I have seen the sun set just off the coast of Perth, I have seen that great ball of fire being sunken into the ocean outside of Cape Naturaliste and Exmouth and I have asked myself how there would ever be something more beautiful than this.

But then I have also been sitting on a surf board in the water outside of Byron Bay and watched the sun slowly crawling itself over the horizon. I’ve watched the camp fire on Fraser Island die out just as the sun like an unknown god have made its first appearance on the surface. So to ask me which of these are the most beautiful, which one made me lose my breath the hardest, is unfortunately a thing on what I cannot cast my vote.

A lot of people ask if there is a difference between a sunrise and a sunset, and technically there is no difference. In one place the sun rises, and on the other, it sets. Though our eye vision is a bit different and this effects on how we perceive the sun. When it is a sunset our eyes have been open all day and are more used to the light, but at a sunrise they have been closed for very long and everything feels much stronger when you see it.


What do you prefer yourself? Of course there are not too much sun in Sweden but I have seen some nice sun movements here too!