Welcome to the future!


You might think that I would be writing about the future of us youths, and what we’re bringing in to the world, but actually no. I’m writing about something far more important that only happens once in a lifetime. We are officially in the future accordingly to the classic movie ”Back to the Future”. The year that Michael J Fox ended up in when he traveled into the future with his time traveling car was on the 21st of October in 2015, so we’ve been a week in the future, not to bad huh?

So when Michael or Marty McFly which is his character’s name wounds up in 2015 there are so many strange things there, or here. Flying cars, telephones with camera and self-lacing shoes are just some of the strange things that are in the future. A lot of the things brought up in the movie is actually normal things today, but one thing that have put the wheel in spinning since the movie was made is self-lacing shoes. How this would be possible have for long been a question but no one made any prototypes that have had a big impact, until now. The shoe giant Nike have now released the famous self-lacing shoes, and this have become a talker all over the world where even President Obama joined in on Twitter to talk about them. It was easy to figure to whom the first pair of shoes would go, Marty McFly himself.

But if you really want your hands on a pair, they’re not the most handsome to be honest, Nike have announced that they will release a limited number where all the income from the shoes will go to charity. So if you want to be part of the future and make a nice gesture, the book yourself a pair of Nike Mag’s like they’re called!