Study Swedish abroad


Goodmorning everybody!

So today I was thinking about giving some good information for you that are thinking about study Swedish but from abroad. Maybe you’re planning to move to Sweden, or you’re just in love with the singing sound of the language. Either way, having a good base of the language is a good start. Even if you don’t really have to know Swedish to get around in Sweden today, most Swedish people prefer to speak Swedish and often they don’t feel too comfortable when they have to speak English for a longer while.

One way to learn Swedish is online. There are a lot of courses that you can start on all kinds of levels. You have the choice to study in the pace you want to, and also with the possibility to study with a teacher, usually with a fee. A good place to check out for this is the “Swedish Institute” or SI as they are abbreviated. There are also a range of private online courses, but they usually cost more than the government funded ones.

There is actually 65.000 people around the world studying Swedish outside of Sweden every year. Most of these people studies at the universities that offers Swedish around the world. I’ll list a few Universities around the world where you can learn the strange language of Swedish.

In North and Central America you can study Swedish at the University of Alberta and University of British Colombia in Canada. In the United States you can study Swedish in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. In Mexico you can learn Swedish at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

In Asia you can study Swedish in China and Japan among other places. In China you can study it in Beijing at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, in Hong Kong at the University of Hong Kong and in Shanghai at Fudan University. In Japan the cities where you can study Swedish are Hiratsuka at the Tokai University and in Osaka at the University of Osaka.

In Europa almost every country offers the chance to study Swedish. There are many universities in many cities that offers a range of courses of different levels of Swedish. Have a look at your nearest University and they will re-direct you to the closest place to say: “Köttbullar”!