What to do when in the Mediterranean


Mediterranean Beaches

The Mediterranean, and the countries that make form part of it, are all absolutely gorgeous, whether travelling to a popular city, or a remote island. The list of activities to take part in, is never ending however, personally I believe some activities beat others. There is something for everyone, the numerous activities will suit every taste. Beach lovers will feel in heaven, food lovers will take their taste-buds on an exciting journey and the history geeks can continue widening their knowledge. Are you ready to pick your next vacation destination?

If you are seeking sunshine, the best time to visit is between late April and the beginning of September. During peak seasons, July to August, the temperatures soar up to over 30s, especially if your are visiting the south of the Mediterranean. The Eastern Mediterranean, which stretches from the Adriatic through the Ionian Sea to the Aegean, represent the greatest concentration of historical interest in cruising the world.

An interesting fact about the Mediterranean sea is that it covers an area of 2.5 million squares and has an average depth of 1,500 meters. The five largest islands in the Mediterranean are Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica and Crete. Whereas the only island nations in the Mediterranean are Malta and Cyprus.

As the weather in the Mediterranean can vary by location, and depending on the season, it is always a good idea to consider packing layering items. It can be incredibly hot in the Mediterranean, especially during the day. While the evenings can be a tad chilly.

And here are a few of those that I would recommend to all those travelling to this area.

One of the things the Mediterranean is wide known for, is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The sea there is crystal clear, and not too cold which makes it perfect for swimming, it is also the home to a never-ending number of beautiful creatures. If you are planning on visiting a country that is close to the sea, you should most definitely take advantage of this and go snorkeling, or scuba diving. It gives you the rare opportunity to see life underwater, and see things like the underwater forests that are not talked about enough. Taking an underwater camera with you is an absolute must, to capture the hidden treasures. If done well, and with caution, it is also an activity that will cause very little damage to the environment.

The majority of people will probably picture themselves in a hammock in Maldives, Mauritius or Seychelles when they day dream about the perfect beaches. However, the Mediterranean also has some marvellous beaches to offer. Are you ready to discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe? The following are are selection of the best beaches, ideal for relaxation, partying or simply for long strolls. If you are currently collecting information to plan your summer vacation then we highly recommend you visit this guide.

  • Navagio Beach: Greece
  • Zlati Rat Beach: Croatia
  • Calo des Moro: Spain
  • Oludeniz Beach: Turkey
  • Praia Marinha: Portugal
  • Sveti Stefan Beach: Montenegro
  • Praia de Miramar: Portugal
  • Viveiro: Galicia

The countries surrounding the Mediterranean are overflowing with wonderful nature, and animals only found in the Mediterranean climate. Going on a long hike, or walk through a forest, should definitely be on your list. This doesn’t just give you an insight to the cultural aspect of the country, but also is a chance to stay active and exercise. Visiting a natural landscape has something for everyone, and if the perfect activity for families or big groups of friends.

The Mediterranean is bursting with unique culture, and experiencing it is a must. Whether there’s a feast going on when you’re visiting, or visiting small villages and locals. The countries surrounding the Sea, are famously know for the Mediterranean cuisine, that is beloved globally and is as good as it is healthy.

And if you didn’t know, the Mediterranean filled with job opportunities, especially in the iGaming industry. The iGaming sector contributes to a huge sector of the Maltese economy. Thus we can assure you that if you would like to have a work experience in the Mediterranean it shouldn’t be hard to find a job. In the meantime you can start familiarising yourself and learn about strategies.

If you have never before, booking a trip to a country in the Mediterranean, like Croatia and the islands surrounding it, is a must. It is filled with beauty that cannot be found elsewhere, and provides an unforgettable experience.