What is marketing and why is it important?


If you are currently thinking about what subject to study or contemplating about your career, this article might help you check if marketing is the subject for you. The most important thing is to choose a subject that you will enjoy and that it will help you reach your goals. I suggest that you think about what you enjoy doing day-to-day as this could be a part of a future job role. If you are looking for ideas, explore as many jobsites as possible and also go through graduate careers to look for ideas.

Contrary to what many people believe products do not sell themselves. Good marketing gives information to the customers so that they can find the products they are looking for make better choices about those products and extract the most value from them. So, in other words marketing helps to facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Marketing is an exciting, challenging and a very rewarding subject to study. The most fun aspect of this subject in my opinion is that you get to apply what you learn on a day to day basis. It offers a number of fantastic career opportunities in areas such as public relations, product and brand management, and export and international marketing. Marketing also focuses on developing ongoing relationships with customers, competitors, partners, suppliers and other shareholders.

A degree in Marketing is normally not based on just one subject. The fact that this subject is generally available to study together with another subject allows students to develop marketing skills in the context of another subject. For example a lot of students choose to combine it with Psychology, Sociology or else Finance. The reality is that a degree in Marketing is open- ended, and therefore you can tailor your career to what you are passionate about.

These are some ideas for those creating products on the market. Anyone can create a product. That is not the hard part. The hard part is selling the product. A number of key concepts are essential to take note of before you start creating your product. The way you market it needs to be combined to the product itself. The business world is very competitive and there is a very high probability that the market you want to enter already has successful players in it. That is something that you have to take into account.

Success starts with fully understanding who your clients are and what are their needs. This is crucial for two main reasons including creating a product that delivers and to sell the product successfully. Each and every product on the market needs to address the needs and wants of the customer. We are sure that you want your product to stand out from the crowd, and want people to really benefit from what you are doing so it is important that you create a high value to customers. The rest is up to the company or person in charge of the marketing.

Not everyone is a huge fan of marketing; this branch has received a lot of criticism. The cost of marketing is precisely why some criticised marketing. Many believe that if the money was used for research and development perhaps the consumers would be more satisfied. Another criticism is that marketing creates wants among consumers for products and services that aren’t really needed.