School break


Sometimes you just need a break from school and not think about anything. This period is especially intense for a lot of people since the admission results have came in. Either you have to start to look after a place to stay, and let’s be honest, the student accomodation is not really a thing that is working out to well in Stockholm, and not super good in Sweden overall either. Students have to sign up on apartments even before they know if they’ve made it into school or not. A lot of people but down huge deposits just to get the first apartments or dorms that are being offered to them.

Price is one problem, and the range of places to stay is another problem. Since there are not to many places to stay, of course prices rise drastically, which is something most students can’t afford. Sadly University is becoming more and more of a class thing and not something for everyone. It has never been so expensive to study at the university. Books, accomodation, public transport, the numbers just don’t add up to the money a student have, especially if you don’t want to take a lone for tens of thousands of whatever currency you have.

This is why I’m saying, take a break. It’s not worth getting too stressed up to soon, there will always be a way eventually. So for now I recommend you to just enjoy the last summer days before school starts. A nice place to relax and have a nice swim for me is a place just outside of Stockholm called “Vinterviken” which funny enough translates into “The winter bay”. But nevermind the name, just look at the picture at the top and imagine sipping a cold beer on a hot summers day.

Do not ever forget to enjoy guys!