Student jobs


Something most students have to do while studying is unfortunately to work. A lot of students work in grocery stores, at petrol stations and in clothing shops. Then there are some more, let’s say different jobs. One of my friends that went to Australia on an Erasmus exchange year in Adelaide in the south of Australia took part of an experiment at the university. One week my friend and 4 other people had to stay in rooms without windows, totally unaffected by sun and weather. The key of the experiment though was that they didn’t have the access to the time either. Of course this experiment was to see what happened to them after a long time without knowing the time and without seeing how nature’s clock is turning. It might sound like a though experience but for a thousand bucks my friend was happy to partake!

Another strange job that my friend had a few years ago was a one night job, but it’s worth mentioning. She got the question of her friend that knew some rich guy outside of Stockholm that was hosting a private party in a private castle in the outskirts. But it wasn’t any kind of party, it was a pancake party. So for a whole night she and a few other people we’re frying pancakes like their life depended on it, for 9 hours! She wasn’t really in the mood to get crepes the coming week after that to be honest…

Other weird jobs I heard about is donating blood & sperm, being an art model, pest controller and fish gutter. I’m sure there are some other crazy jobs out there that you students have done to earn a few extra bucks! So please, don’t hold back. Share with us your weirdest way you made money. But remember, even if life as a student might be hard, try to make a way of living that makes you happy!