Surfing in Sweden or Portugal



Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well this not to bad day in Stockholm. It’s my first time writing on the page and I’m gonna talk about something not so school related, but more about my reflections as an exchang student in Sweden.

My name is Connor, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Lennox Head in New South Wales. If you haven’t heard about Lennox head, I’m not shocked or hurt. It’s a small surfing village just south of Byron Bay, another yet more famous surfing town in the northern part of NSW. If you haven’t even heard about Byron Bay, maybe you’re just not that info surfing. But to put in on the map, it’s about a two hour drive south of Brisbane, the third largest city in the wonderful country of OZ. Australia that is.

So being a aussie bloke from one of the largest surfing regions in the world, surfing is a preatty big deal for me to say at least. Sweden might not offer the best surfing in the world, but that’s no surprise since there’s probably polar bears swimming around in the freezing water. But since I’m only hear for 6 months starting this September I’m gonna make the best out of my European experience! So what I’m gonna need two things from you guys. First: What in Sweden and your neighbouring countries should be mandatory to see? Of course I can’t promise that I’ll see all of it, but give me your best tips! And second: AFter my Erasmus is finished in March I would love to try out surfing in Europa. People told me that Portugal hosts some of the most wicked waves in the oceans, so I’m really intrigued to go and check that out. So anyone have any tips on where it might be worth surfing in Portugal?

Keep it safe and I’ll probalby drop another line in a while or so! / Connor