Best sites in Sweden


So we’re a gang of non-swedes that were planning to do a small Sweden trip before schools starts in september. We have about 3 weeks and a nice camper van so we thought we have to make the best of this. The start of our travel will of couse be Stockholm but now we’re a bit confused about where to go. Something we all want to see is the mountains, so we’ve seen that the closest mountains is in Härjedalen, which should be around 4 hours drive from here. After that we thought about going more north (sorry all northerners but Sweden is just too freaking bit). Then people told us to skip Värmland, so we’re thinking about maybe swing by Norway when we’re at it and go to the coast cities of Bergen and Stavanger, to come out in Oslo and hit the Swedish border on the west coast heading south.

Everyone said the west coast is good so that’s definitely on the agenda. Then we’re heading down towards Malmö and maybe, just maybe swinging by Copenhagen. On the way back the only thing we know for sure that we want to see is the island of Öland. So it’s rather on the way up we need some tips on what to see. If you live in this area or gone trough it and seen something we just can’t miss, then please write us and we’ll see if it’s possible with out plan and budget!

Hope you’ll have a great weekend, on Monday the fun begins for us!