Sunny days


Good morning ya’ll!

Sweden is a country that really fascinates me sometimes. I’ve been living here in Stockholm for almost two years now, so I’ve experienced all the seasons, twice. (Yep I survived the winters!) During the winter months Sweden feels a bit like The Day After Tomorrow. There’s no people around, you’re all huddled up with your friends in someone’s living room, reading, not burning books and waiting for Dennis Quaid to come and rescue you. If you meet people when you’re out walking with the snow striking against your face, everyone looks like you’re the first human they’ve seen in months, and you start questioning if they want to talk to you, or eat you. Anyways, when the cold long winter months, that stretches up to like 5 months are over, a beautiful spring and summer comes.

Maybe it’s not strange for Swedish people seeing all these people coming out in spring. It’s like on a Sunday morning in a small Italian village, one minute it absolutely dead on the streets, and then when it turns 11 o’clock hundreds of people flow out from the churches. This is a bit how Sweden is, people sit inside trying to not having to be out as much as possible, and then when the real spring pops out and shares some sun, everyone runs out!

It’s a fascination thing for me, the difference of how the people work. In winter I have to say that Swedes are a bit cold when you meet them outside, maybe it’s just that they want to go home and not standing freezing outside, but in the summer they are some of the warmest people. Everyone is kind, smiling and helps you if you ask for questions. It’s magnificent. Anyways, the point I wanted to make is that right now we got summer heat in the beginning of the fall. So if you’re in Sweden, do like everyone else and sit down in the closest park and meet some happy, nice people!