The New Students



It’s been a few days since the first admission report of the universities was sent out. Some people are happy with their results, some didn’t get exactly the result they were waiting for. If you didn’t get the result you were waiting for, then you have another shot at getting your spot on the 6th of August if someone turns down their spot. If you still don’t get the place you really wanted, I would recommend you to study hard the whole summer and sign up for the SAT’s before the 15th of September and then nail it in October! To everyone that made it into the school: Good job and congratulations!

About the school year of 2015 I have to brag a bit. The bachelor at Stockholm School of Economics is the bachelor with the most first choice applications in the whole of Sweden. A staggering 2321 applied but only 310 people made it to this popular school according to Metro. According to the financial times it also ranks 12th in the world of economic institutions which is by far the best ranking of any universities of the northern countries in Europe. Of course ranking is not something that people should look too much on. You should start your education because it is your dream and it is something you’ve been wanting for a long time, not because of rankings and what pay you get after. In my opinion your time at university will not be as easy or as fun if you only start because of the money.

For you that are starting; breathe and it will work out, trust me. Students go through the most annoying and demanding things during their time at university. But this is also what creates your character and shapes you for the real world. So good luck and have fun!