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So Midsummer or Midsommar or one of the hundred different spelling it has is slowly creeping up on us again. Some of you might have no idea what Midsummer is, and other might celebrate it religiously. It is a celebration celebrated mostly in the northern European countries, but with migration the influence have spread to countries like United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. Countries celebrate this feast in different ways, some by dancing, and some with bonfires and like us in Sweden, dancing around the midsummers-pole. The biggest midsummer celebrations is hold in the city of Leksand in the middle of Sweden, where thousands of people meet up to dress out in traditional clothing, drink traditional food and dance and sing. Another big celebration is in the city center of Stockholm at Skansen Park. The biggest celebration outside of Sweden takes place in Battery Park in New York City, […]

Summerburst Festival

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all happy today because I sure am! My summer is definitely kicking off with a good start, my friends just called me and she has won two ticket to Summerburst Festival that is kicking off this weekend, so we’re going! So the festival Summerburst have been taking place in Stockholm Stadion, a football stadium in central Stockholm. This year though they have chosen to move the whole festival to Gärdet, a big open space just outside the city. The artists this year is gonna be very big ones, Axwell and Ingrosso are the big Swedish artists that is coming this year, but they will be accompanied by artist no smaller then Afrojack, BlasterJaxx och Don Diablo and many more. I really feel like I have to dance in the summer heat, so this festival couldn’t come in a more perfect time. And to top this […]

Hello people of the world! I read some good news the other day for the people of Stockholm (and for people of 19 other cities in the world). Stockholm is actually the fourth (4th!) safest city in the world! How good news isn’t that? It’s a study called “Safe Cities Index” made by the newspaper The Economist where they measure; 1. Personal safety, which looks at crime, police engagement etc. 2. They also look at Digital security, where they look at the city’s cybersecurity, identity thefts etc. 3. Health security which looks at life expectancy, numbers of hospitals and population. 4. Infrastructure safety that covers quality of roads and how many people die from natural disasters and the like. The study is topped by the Japanese capital Tokyo followed by Singapore in second place. Third place is taken by Osaka, followed by Stockholm on forth, and Amsterdam on fifth place. […]


Hi everyone! It has been a great weekend for the students of the MCXL programme. We have had 4 days off without any studies what so ever and it has been so nice! It is fun to be a student but it is also very demanding, to have studie breaks once in a while is important to keep up with the motivation to school related stuff. Tomorrow we are going back to the usual school days. We are gonna start a new, exciting project tomorrow: an essay related to a problem in the society. I have choosen compulsive gaming as the subject of my essay. Other students chose subjects such as  alcoholism, victimization and so on. The reason I chose compulsive gaming is because my older brother use to be a game addict and that caused a lot of problems both for him and people arround him. Compulsive gaming is […]

In the future I really would like to become an exchange student. I think it would be very exciting to come to another country with a different culture to study and socialize with other students from all around the world. While I went researching I found this article which approach the subject very well. If you, like me, are interested in studying abroad I would recommend you to read it!     Regards, Josef Student         

  Hi everyone, Today we are announcing the new website for the XL-participants of year 2015! On this website you will be able to follow us during our studies at SSE while studying the first semester of the Media and Marketing Management Master. We are a group of people, both swedish and from all around the world, running this web site as a school project.   Best regards, XL Class of 2015  

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