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Travelling solo

Travel is full of important decision and a successful trip requires a lot of planning. The first decision one has to make before deciding to travel is deciding which country to visit, how much to spend and when it is best to go. I have been travelling for a couple of months now and from these experiences I have learnt a lot. It is the first time that I have been away from home and I had to learn to be more independent. It was very overwhelming and pretty nerve wrecking in the beginning but I ended up adapting so quickly to it as I had no other choice. A lot of people were quite surprised when I announced that I wanted to travel alone as I have always been a bit shy and relied a lot on others. Well, it was time for me to prove everyone wrong and […]

Sociology of sports, also referred as sports sociology, is the study of the relationship between sports and society. This branch in Sociology examines how culture, values and human interaction influence sports and vice versa. It also goes into the relationship between sports and media, politics, economics, religion, social inequality and social mobility. The first thing that sociologists tried to answer is why is sports important to society. Sports is deeply embedded in culture and institutions. Educational institutions and sports are intertwined. Achievements in sports disciplines are considered to be as very important and gain a lot of recognition. Sports programs are given a lot of importance by people in governmental institutions. Media too spends a lot of resources on sports. A lot of newspapers dedicate a number of pages to sport and a lot of television programs are dedicated to sports. Business spends a great deal of money of sports […]

I like to think about Italy as the food capital of the world. Some might not agree (I think Italian are with me on this) but this does not change the fact that millions of people visit Italy year after year to satisfy their food needs. I have to admit that Italian food is something I am very passionate about so you might find this article a bit biased, I about this in advance. There are a number of reasons why Italian food is the best in my opinion. The first distinctive feature that best describes Italian food is quality: quality of the ingredients, quality of the production process and the quality of the food display. The food prepared is made with fresh and natural ingredients. This enhances both the taste and flavor of the food. Ingredients such as oil, mozzarella, vegetables and any other product are produced according to […]

A lot of us that study at the XL-programme at Stockholm School of Economics looks up to a lot of different people and entrepreneurs within different businesses. Some, or let’s say a lot of people are driven by money, and some people are driven by an idea or by making a change in the world. This is what makes us all different, that we have different goals and different ideas. New businesses and ideas come out all the time and people become rich from different things all over the world. Social media is one business idea that have gained serious speed and grown exceptionally fast lately since the using of internet have grown and the technology gives us the possibility go online practically everywhere we are. Since the millennia huge brands like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder and uncountable more have emerged and gathered the world population to one specific place, […]

Study Swedish abroad

Goodmorning everybody! So today I was thinking about giving some good information for you that are thinking about study Swedish but from abroad. Maybe you’re planning to move to Sweden, or you’re just in love with the singing sound of the language. Either way, having a good base of the language is a good start. Even if you don’t really have to know Swedish to get around in Sweden today, most Swedish people prefer to speak Swedish and often they don’t feel too comfortable when they have to speak English for a longer while. One way to learn Swedish is online. There are a lot of courses that you can start on all kinds of levels. You have the choice to study in the pace you want to, and also with the possibility to study with a teacher, usually with a fee. A good place to check out for this […]

  Studying can be really hard, we all know that. It is not for nothing that studying is student and dying put together. We all have our different ways and techniques to study. Some people (not me unfortunately) sit down and make a detailed plan about everything that have to be done every day and how to get there. Then you have people like me, that freak out a week before and drink 5 cups a coffee a day and sleeps at the library. This might not be the absolute best way to work, but it have saved me a few times to be honest. That we students live a hard life is not something that we didn’t know before, but there are ways to make our lives easier, that’s why I thought that we as student have to work together and share our best tips for studying with each […]

Sunny days

Good morning ya’ll! Sweden is a country that really fascinates me sometimes. I’ve been living here in Stockholm for almost two years now, so I’ve experienced all the seasons, twice. (Yep I survived the winters!) During the winter months Sweden feels a bit like The Day After Tomorrow. There’s no people around, you’re all huddled up with your friends in someone’s living room, reading, not burning books and waiting for Dennis Quaid to come and rescue you. If you meet people when you’re out walking with the snow striking against your face, everyone looks like you’re the first human they’ve seen in months, and you start questioning if they want to talk to you, or eat you. Anyways, when the cold long winter months, that stretches up to like 5 months are over, a beautiful spring and summer comes. Maybe it’s not strange for Swedish people seeing all these people […]

  Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well this not to bad day in Stockholm. It’s my first time writing on the page and I’m gonna talk about something not so school related, but more about my reflections as an exchang student in Sweden. My name is Connor, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Lennox Head in New South Wales. If you haven’t heard about Lennox head, I’m not shocked or hurt. It’s a small surfing village just south of Byron Bay, another yet more famous surfing town in the northern part of NSW. If you haven’t even heard about Byron Bay, maybe you’re just not that info surfing. But to put in on the map, it’s about a two hour drive south of Brisbane, the third largest city in the wonderful country of OZ. Australia that is. So being a aussie bloke from one of the largest surfing […]

Student jobs

Something most students have to do while studying is unfortunately to work. A lot of students work in grocery stores, at petrol stations and in clothing shops. Then there are some more, let’s say different jobs. One of my friends that went to Australia on an Erasmus exchange year in Adelaide in the south of Australia took part of an experiment at the university. One week my friend and 4 other people had to stay in rooms without windows, totally unaffected by sun and weather. The key of the experiment though was that they didn’t have the access to the time either. Of course this experiment was to see what happened to them after a long time without knowing the time and without seeing how nature’s clock is turning. It might sound like a though experience but for a thousand bucks my friend was happy to partake! Another strange job […]

School break

Sometimes you just need a break from school and not think about anything. This period is especially intense for a lot of people since the admission results have came in. Either you have to start to look after a place to stay, and let’s be honest, the student accomodation is not really a thing that is working out to well in Stockholm, and not super good in Sweden overall either. Students have to sign up on apartments even before they know if they’ve made it into school or not. A lot of people but down huge deposits just to get the first apartments or dorms that are being offered to them. Price is one problem, and the range of places to stay is another problem. Since there are not to many places to stay, of course prices rise drastically, which is something most students can’t afford. Sadly University is becoming […]

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